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Online Dating is an every growing industry, with more and more dating sites appearing. Never before has it been more challenging to get a continual flow of new members to your dating site. With Affiliate Dating, we are from the industry. We understand the frustrations of ppc on Google and the ever increasing CPL's that come with it. We understand the importance of the most basic metric, new members, without them, a dating site will struggle, with new members it will thrive.

Quite simply, we have the buyers and sellers of dating leads in one place, As an advertiser, join, put in your offers and what you are willing to pay, and affiliates will pick up this offer and start driving you traffic.

Using Dating Affiliates allows you to fix your CPL and be in control of your P&L. To sensibly run your dating site utilising the huge benefits Affiliate Dating offers, coupled with a product that demonstates a clear undersrtanding and expertise of industry and affiliates that drive quality traffic. Affiliate Dating provides lead opportunity and revenue opportunities to keep the industry alive and bouyant. We are the only direct, niche source of pure dating traffic, run by experienced professionals from within the industry.

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